Some districts take presctiption the financial institution in the river. Here everybody is busy with Dainik activities. Here’s wet season. Everyone looks with umbrella and raincoat. It’s raining day-night. They are making arrangement for safe their material and animal. All side could be the fast wind blowing. So many people are sitting by lurking fitness center two, four people looks at home by getting an umbrella and raincoat. Lots of people look by wetting while it’s raining. It seems that they are taking enjoy of rain. At occasions pass similar to this.

Eventually ton comes out of the blue and destroys people’s home, equipments, animal, etc. Which means that they become destitute and helpless. Fours side looks only water. It seems that whole village submerged into water. Some villager look by swimming using boat, blueberry branch, bansh, pakhwar etc. Far-to-far only water looks. Two, four hut and tree looks. All areas look equal. It feels that here no path had not been and nor up minimizing was land. Nor village or population was present.

Everyone try searching in wet cloths. Everyone looks should you attempt to save self. All live in trouble and sorrow. Their all goods and equipment have wet in water and they have no extra cloth. Some children try searching in nude. These look by wandering occasionally for searching height place or tree in order to save themselves. Lots of people look being crying and shouting here. Save me, save me, save me, I am drowning, I am drowning. I am flowing getting a quick stream water. Save me, save me.

Till numerous days, the whole village is submerged in water. No path look for change from one place to a different place. Lots of people climb round the tree and climb round the height place. Being sitting upon tree and height places they see towards water in the vision. That vision is printed for their brain forever. They wait to fall lower level.

Here comes the appear of crying every side. Some brave man saves many individuals from getting drowned in water and many of them lose themselves during saving them. Dead body of animal, man, lady, child, etc looks swimming upon water. Most of them disappear getting a stream water forever instead of return. The people’s hope, plan, home, relatives everything flow with fast stream water.

As being a mad man they search their relatives and goods into water and so they attempt to uncover them again and again. They ask in relation to lost person from each other. Sorrow of lost their particular people looks apparent obviously of those. They can’t speak not their face and tears of eyes say all sorrow of those. The circumstances of discomfort and shock looks around. Nobody reaches exists for.

Rapid stream water uproots the trees. Hut, home can get collapse in the fast stream water. It takes away fertilizer soil of cultivation of with own. Which means that cultivated land doesn’t remain much like before. It takes lots of time to become much like before. Ton brings dangerous snake and water creature with own. Water’s organism bites individuals and animal and takes shelter in this area forever. They’re very dangerous.

Days pass similar to this. Starvation and helpless looks apparent by themselves face. They see each other similar to this. It seems that they are requesting something from each other or keep hope of desire on each other. They search their buddies, relatives, sister, and brother occasionally. They ask to each other in relation to lost people. They catch swimming dead physiques of person, lady, child and animal and gather dead body at one place. Everyone searches his lost relatives among collected dead physiques.