Often couple ask the same question that whether marriage counselling save their marriage or rebuilding the intimacy and relationship? In fact, the answer to this question depends on several factors outside the counselling and outside the chamber of the counsellor. You need to prepare yourself honestly to build your intimacy and swim across the tide in terms of compromising many things. The second important factor to achieve the shared goal of rebuilding your already distressed marriage life is to choose the right counsellor who acceptable for both of you. Every counsellor has his or her own ways and style of functioning along with approaches. You and your partner must see that both of you must be comfortable enough with the counsellor along with his or her approaches. Contact Therapeute Montreal marriage counseling for couple-friendly counselling with whom both you will feel comfortable.

There are few interesting and surprising facts and statistics which will certainly amuse you and inspire you to prepare yourself for honestly and positively seek marriage counselling towards rebuilding your intimacy. If you have been waiting too long, say 10 years, you have in fact tearing each other apart for long 10 years. Eventually, you have a good chance of rebuilding your relationship because so much of damage within 10 years you can never be able to unravel them. 

Ask yourself when you ask others that you really wish to save your marriage. In fact, often people go to counselling just say that they have tried everything. But truly, they never wanted that it should work. They are just playing saving face game to assuage their guilt. On the other hand, if your case is physical or mental violence or abuse in the relationship, then you are actually not trying to save your marriage, but you are in fact trying to stop criminal activities. In most cases, the physical or emotional abusers are not unhappy with their marriage life, rather they are scared and confused about their impotence and other inefficiencies leading to powerlessness in every sphere of their life.

The most astounding fact in marriage counselling is that most marriage counsellors are not trained rather often they got a degree in psychology or therapy and feel that they can do it. Marriage counselling is not just counselling, but it is a learned skill which requires specialists.

However, some reliable statistics say that 98% of couples who attended the couple therapy got satisfied with the outcome as well as the approaches. Similarly, another finding claims that marriage counselling takes much less time than individual counselling.