Glo gathers courses from innovative yoga, meditation, and fitness instructors and makes them available to all digital devices. We’ve built a portal to convenient meditation online. Barriers to attending classes, like not living near an instructor or a busy schedule, have been lowered by Glo’s affordable online tools that deliver online classes in a range of meditation styles.

Our mission to empower people through meditation online starts with recognizing that everyone needs guidance on their journeys of self discovery. Glo gives you access to a network of global instructors. We’ve designed every aspect of Glo to inspire and motivate you as you seek greater connection and synergy through mind, body, and spirit.

Meditation Whenever and Wherever

You can download and view courses from Glo on any device. The benefits of meditation online can be yours whether you use the Glo iOS app on your phone, iPad, computer, or stream to your television with the Apple TV app. Download a course to your Apple Watch and enjoy the added benefit of heart rate tracking as you meditate. The downloadable courses free you from the need for Wi-Fi so that you can practice meditation anywhere.

Variety of Courses to Promote Your Well-Being

Glo continues to cultivate a growing course catalog devoted to meditation online, personal exploration, and fitness. Beginners and advanced users can find something to help them to ascend to higher levels of self awareness and spiritual connection. The following courses reveal the depth of variety that awaits you when you become a Glo subscriber.

Inner Sanctuary

This Level 1 course offers a 10-minute break from daily stress. With a digital device and a blanket, you can step back from the world and enter a calm space, where self-love and self-acceptance are the norm. The meditation balances your energy and promotes the recovery of emotional health.

Unraveling Knots

A turbulent mind will eventually tie your physical body into knots. This 10-minute meditation course provides an opportunity for you identify tension and release it from your body.

Simple Savasana

Both yoga instructors and students crave the renewing cleanse created by the practice of savasana. By downloading this 15-minute savasana meditation, participants gain the ability to slow down whenever they need it. The instructor gently guides you through a scan of your supine body that encourages relaxation.

Transmute Negative Emotions

Even positive people feel the cumulative effects of a negative world that bombards us all with stress. This 15-minute meditation encourages you to interact with your anger and fear and then find a constructive way to manage these forces in your life.

Glo exists to support people so that they can achieve their true potential. The digital space has become known for its tendency to distract people from the moment, but courses from Glo inspire people to pursue true mindfulness. The digital tools that we’ve created have nurtured a growing online community where people try new ways to interact with their thoughts, dreams, and body.

Glo provides new customers with a free trial because we believe that the benefits of meditation online will speak for themselves. We’ve united technology with the wisdom uncovered by world-class instructors so that people can discover their truest selves.