The very first thing that comes to mind when purchasing an e-juice is the flavor. Even if the factors such as vapor production, VG and PG ratio, and nicotine strength are prefect, you may not like the e-liquid if the flavor isn’t in your favor. Luckily, e-juices come in a range of flavor, including tobacco, food, desert, fruity, and other blends. With all the combination, you can also expect cocktail flavors like wine, beer, and brandy for alcohol lovers.

It’s not easy to stick to one flavor and you may have to experiment with other flavors.  Here are some best e-liquid flavors available on the market that you can try on.

Single Vs blend?

Many people get confused on the fact that what to choose- whether a single flavor or blend e-juice? Both are quite popular choices; single flavor, such as vanilla and strawberry are trending currently, while blends can make your smoke experience quite interesting. If vanilla isn’t your cup of tea, you can choose other single flavors choices inspired by desserts, sodas, candies, cereals, and more. The complex blend of cream, coconut, pineapple, and strawberry can offer a very distinctive flavor taste.

Tobacco flavor

If you’ve just started or would wish to switch to e-liquid, you can experiment with tobacco flavor as it has the similar taste as cigarettes.  You can get a range of smooth tobacco flavor in either single or blends. Don Cristo is one of the best e-liquids available in tobacco flavor. The smooth taste, intense cigar flavor is steeped for 90 days, making the flavor rich and strong.

Fruity flavor

What’s your favorite fruit – Pineapple, peach, strawberry, banana, watermelon, mango, or blueberry? Gaia by 3 Titans is absolutely gorgeous with the blend of cactus, strawberry, peach, mango flavor in it.

Mint, Strawberry or vanilla flavor

E-liquid with a blast of mint can offer an icy, cool sensation. You can also choose mint and strawberry flavored juice to get the classic taste of menthol flavor. Ripe Vapes VCT is a sweet and spicy flavor blended with vanilla and custard, topped with fine tobacco. Priced around $40, the VCT 60ml contains 30% PG and 70% VG that’s aimed to please the distinguished or novice smoker.

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