Is it a boy or a girl?

One of the most exciting things about pregnancy is anticipating the gender of your new baby! And these days, the question is answered not by simply saying it but through gender parties and other creative gender reveal ideas.

What is a gender reveal party?

Gender reveal parties are one of the most popular trends among pregnant couples. In contrast to baby showers, which celebrates the expected birth of a new baby, a gender reveal party anticipates the baby’s gender.

It is also typically done near the end of the second trimester, around the seventh or eighth month, when the gender is already detectable in the sonogram. It is also during this time that the risk of miscarriage has significantly decreased.

While guests of gender reveal parties are typically not expected to bring gifts, it is still a thoughtful idea to get the couple some gender-neutral gifts for the baby.

There is no one specific way to celebrate the gender of your baby. But if you haven’t decided yet, here are nine creative ideas for your gender reveal that you can easily pull off.

9 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

1.   Balloons

Balloons are a fun way to announce the gender of your baby. You can go for traditional blue or pink balloons, which will do the job. Or you may also go for neutral-colored balloons – even black – to create more suspense and a more classic look.

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Gender Reveal.... It's a girl!!!!

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No One Is More Surprised — or Excited — at This Gender-Reveal Party Than These Older Sisters

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2.   Bee

Is there any person who doesn’t like bees? Bees are cutesy and very fit for any celebration meant for a baby. The combination of yellow and black makes for an attractive party. Add sunflowers and the theme is complete!

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what will it bee? gender reveal

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3.   Sweet and Charming

A sweet and charming baby gender reveal theme is easy to pull off with the help of a good color scheme. To complement the traditional pastel blues and pinks, you can add other classic colors like clean white and modern gray. Then again, you can forego blue and pink and go completely neutral!

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4.   Confetti and Silly Strings

The pop of either colorful confetti or cans of silly strings makes a gender reveal party even more exhilarating. They heighten the level of excitement, especially if the couple is unaware of the gender, too. Plus, they look great in photos!

Blue Gender Reveal Confetti Popper / It's a Boy Confetti Popper / Gender Reveal / Blue Confetti Popp

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5.   Smoke

A good – and trash-free – alternative to using confetti and silly strings is using smoke. It gives the gender reveal announcement a whimsical and a more romantic atmosphere. Smoke also typically lasts longer than confetti and silly strings, staying in the air for a minute or so.

 Includes 2 Pink and 2 Blue Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs. Baby Gender Smoke bombs last between 60-75 seconds to capture pictures. Make your gender reveal announcement fill the air! Gender reveal smoke sticks are the most popular way to capture your gender reveal surprise. All orders ship the same day.

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6.   Reveal Box

A reveal box is a trendy centerpiece to many gender reveal parties. Basically, it is a big box that contains elements that announce the baby’s gender. These elements can be balloons, words, and even baby essentials like clothing. The couple usually opens this box near the end of the party.

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Amazing way to tell people the gender of your baby! Love!

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Creative Gender Reveal Idea - Cardboard Closet with baby girl or boy outfit inside!

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So, as you probably saw on Instagram/Instastories a couple weeks ago, we did a gender reveal party. Verdict: We are having a boy!! I really wanted a gender reveal party, it was my idea, but I am no…

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7.   Cake

Is there a tastier way to announce the gender of your child? A gender reveal cake is a cake that, when opened, reveals a dominant color: blue for boys and pink for girls. You can go for the classic blue vs. pink icing, or you may also go the unique route and opt for an all-white icing.

It's A... Cake Topper - Gender Reveal Cake Topper, Gender Reveal Party, Gender Reveal Ideas, Gender Reveal Cake by ByEmilySmith on Etsy

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21 Cute and Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas: #18. CREATIVE WHAT’S THE SCOOP CAKE IDEA; #genderreveal; #cake

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8.   Art

There are just so many ways to put together a creative gender reveal party. Some more ways include splashing paint onto a plain canvas, using glitter and clear glue, and even using a bow and arrow!

If you’ve ever visited a modern art museum and thought to yourself “hey, I could make that!”, then this gender reveal idea is for you. Throwing giant buckets of paint at a canvas with your hubby and the soon-to-be big sister is a satisfying, stress-relieving, and simple way to welcome your new baby. Wear anything but white for this project—things are about to get messy.

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30+ Creative Gender Reveal Ideas for Your Announcement

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Love these adorable ways to involve the whole family in a gender reveal. If you are looking for a way to involve your kids in your gender reveal, check out this post!

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9.   Piñata

Finally, another way to make your gender reveal party a lot more awesome is by using a piñata! The piñata can be anything, and it can be as colorful or as minimalist as you want it to be. To make the announcement more exciting, fill the piñata with blue or pink colored candies and chocolates.

Gender Reveal FIESTA! //

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Fiesta Themed Gender Reveal Onesie Pinata Gender Reveal Pinata | Etsy

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Check out these creative gender reveal announcement ideas to find out the gender of your next baby or announce it to family and friends! Such fun ideas!! #genderreveal #babyontheway

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These adorable ideas will definitely make the announcement of your baby’s gender more fun and memorable! How are you going to do your gender reveal party?