These are spectacular ideas to spend the night as your favorite celebs. I don’t know about you, but I know girls love to have fun, and when it comes to doing it the Hollywood style, they go for their favorite celebs. Check out these five tips to make your party unique and unrepeatable.

#1: Invitations

Choose an original way to create your invitations which all your friends will love. Trust me, that is a great way to start planning a reputable party, isn’t it?

#2: The outfits

Obviously, you have to shine like a celeb. But a Hollywood party is characterized by having many stars! Organize your BFF to look amazing. The secret to make it twice as fun is to choose a theme. It’s super cool to see your friends with dresses in the 40s or with the most quirky hairstyles and looks of the 80s. What do you think? You should just decide how daring you want it to be.

#3: Unforgettable moments

Of course, the red carpet cannot miss. Adorn the entrance of your house type catwalk with stars and metal balloons so that you and your friends can take selfies to exhaustion. When doing this, you can use a strobe lamp to simulate the paparazzi flashes.

#4: Drinks & Snacks

Our love for the nightlife has made us experts in drinks (of course, everything in moderation). That’s why at your party you cannot miss Gray Goose, the vodka for the Cosmo Girls with a taste for the exclusive. If you are stuck on what drinks to serve at your party, you can hire professionals like Mad hatter bar to help you do the magic on your day.

As for the sandwiches, you can prepare mini hamburgers, mini pizzas or banderillas of cold meats and cheeses. Everything depends on your taste and that of your friends. 

#5: Music

Music is the life of any party when foods and drinks are properly taken care of. The final touch for an amazing party is a playlist that you must prepare in advance, and that has the most trendy songs of the moment. So, get yourself prepare well by surfing for the best music to spice up your Hollywood party. 

Do not wait any longer; you now have all it takes to put together an incredible mega party that will be hard to beat!